Membership Application


Please enter the name, English and Hebrew, date of death, English and Hebrew, of your deceased relatives. Please also explain relationship (father of member, etc.)

MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES - check the applicable initial level (note: upgrades from associate membership do not include a 50% discount)

1. Family membership dues are determined by the age of the oldest member in the household.
2. New Family and Individual members will receive a 50% discount off their first year’s dues.
3. The category of associate member is intended for individuals who have full memberships in other synagogues. Individuals who are associate members may serve on synagogue committees but do not have voting rights and are not eligible to serve on the board. Associate memberships do not include High Holiday seats nor do they qualify for any initial year discounts. Couples joining as associate members pay double the individual rate.
4. Existing associate members who upgrade to other membership categories are not eligible for a first year discount.


Fri, June 23 2017 29 Sivan 5777