Welcome to our new Rabbi, Ari Hart!


With a tremendous sense of gratitude and joy, we are delighted to announce that on March 8th, our Board of Directors unanimously voted to approve a full-time Rabbinic employment agreement with Rabbi Ari Hart. We cannot wait to welcome Rav Ari, his wife Becca, and their adorable son Hodiyah (“Hodi”) to Skokie this July, when Rav Ari’s official term will commence on a full-time basis. 

We extend a special hakarat ha’tov – acknowledgement of gratitude – to all those who have enabled us to reach this incredible milestone. To our Board, members, staff, guests and beyond – you all played an integral role in fostering an environment that prepared us to take this next step in what has been a multi-year transitional journey. We look forward to your continued participation and collective contributions! 

A special thank you to everyone, both inside and outside of the shul, who has financially contributed to our Rabbinic Hiring Fund. Your generosity and vision laid the critical foundation for this process. Without you, our goal of bringing a dynamic, young Rabbi to the community would simply have been impossible to achieve. We are grateful for your investment in the future of the shul, and we are confident that because of your frontline leadership, many more in (and outside of) our community will follow suit, allowing us to retain a strong Rabbinic presence for years to come. 

We also extend our deep thanks to the Rabbinic Search Committee, comprising Tammy Pretekin (chair), Simi Chavel, Joel Rubin, Suzanne Mishkin and Noam Stadlan. The countless hours you put in to develop that pivotal interview weekend in December with Rav Ari – as well as all the time both before and after – proved to be time well spent, as the results provided our community with a comprehensive, diversified insight into Rav Ari’s character, teaching style, and leadership qualities. While our path to hiring a Rabbi was by no means conventional, you creatively crafted a meaningful process with transparency and integrity. The entire shul is indebted to you. In that same regard, we thank the members of the Rabbinic Hiring Committee (which, in addition to the undersigned, comprised Tammy Pretekin and Sherwin Ditlove) who took the baton from the Rabbinic Search Committee and brought it to the finish line, drafting, negotiating and finalizing the employment agreement with Rav Ari. 

Acharon Acharon Haviv – we thank you, Rav Ari. Your warmth, scholarship, and authentic sense of mission have captivated our community. We are privileged that you have agreed to serve as our Rabbi, and we cannot wait to see what we will accomplish together. 


Rick Arons & David Avraham  

David M. Rubin
Chairman of the Board 

Fri, June 23 2017 29 Sivan 5777