An Orthodox Service for Shacharit, Mincha, and Maariv every day of the week.

We also offer Traditional services on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. These services follow the Orthodox format except that they accommodate family seating and the use of a Tzomet microphone.

Skokie Women's Tefillah Group
We host the Skokie Women’s Tefillah Group, an independent organization, which meets once a month.

Would You Like to Lead a Service?

If you are interested, and have the ability,  we offer you the opportunity to:

  • a) Lein an entire Torah portion, or just one or two aliyot.
    b) Chant a Haftorah.
    c) Daven from the amud (Pesukay D'zimra, Shacharis, or Musaf).
  • For Women, we offer the opportunity to
  1. Read Misheberachs for the state of Israel and the US in Hebrew and/or English
  2. Carry the Torah on the women's side of the Mechitza on its return


In addition, as we welcome and embrace the participation of all members from both sides of the mechitza, we also offer the opportunity for:

1)      Men and women to give a dvar Torah or speech before the entire congregation on Shabbos and Yom Tovim.

2)       Women to recite blessings in Hebrew and English for the American government and its soldiers,  the Israel defense forces and its soldiers held in captivity, and the State of Israel.

3)      Women to carry the Torah back to the Ark at the conclusion of the Torah service.

On certain Shabbat services, in lieu of members speaking, we offer a diverse group of speakers drawn from the Skokie Jewish community and from internationally acclaimed scholars.  We solicit speakers whose topics span a wide range of ideological and halakhic views, most cutting edge and thought provoking.

Mon, August 21 2017 29 Av 5777