Yom Kippur Appeal

Dear Friends,
Please help SVAJ take advantage of a wonderful opportunity!
A generous donor has stepped forward and offered to MATCH our early High Holiday pledges! This will mean thousands of dollars of funding for our shul during this exciting period of growth.
The catch is that the matched funds will be applied to pledges that come in for the remainder of August – in advance of the annual Yom Kippur Appeal.
We ask that you consider making your High Holiday pledge NOW so that we can take advantage of this wonderful offer.
If you have watched the excitement grow from week to week at SVAJ, then you know that on every Shabbat the building is brimming with members young and old as well as friends, visitors and the curious. Children’s groups covering four different age categories are conducted expertly by our staff. Accomplished speakers present a wide variety of topics to our congregants and guests. Kol Sasson Congregation meets in Israel Hall every Shabbat and joins us and the monthly Women’s Tefillah Group for a delicious, neighborly kiddush. Improvements have been made to the building itself and we now have our enthusiastic and vital new leader, Rabbi Ari Hart, on board.
The anticipation preceding Rabbi Hart's arrival was palpable – not just within SVAJ – but also throughout the community. The model of a vital, inclusive, modern orthodox congregation will dramatically expand with Rabbi Hart’s leadership. He will draw on successful models implemented elsewhere and, with your input, create and build the kind of environment that you, your loved ones and friends will hunger to be a part of.
Many of your friends and neighbors have made financial commitments, small and large, to ensure that Rabbi Hart is unburdened by fiscal constraints. And now, as we look to the upcoming High Holidays and to 5778, we ask that each of you pitch in, in whatever way possible, to help guarantee that the path to our predicted growth is unencumbered. Every contribution toward that matching sum is valued, appreciated and will be acknowledged.
Keep in mind that SVAJ offers a flexible dues structure with lower membership fees than other synagogues in the area and has no building fund.
Still, revenue collected from membership dues represents less than 40% of the synagogue’s operating budget.
Many of you have contributed over and over again to our annual appeals on Yom Kippur. This year we ask that you advance that contribution by two months. By making your High Holiday pledge and payment now, instead of in September, we can multiply the value of every donated dollar and see the results of Rabbi Hart’s efforts that much sooner.
We ask that you join us in making an early commitment to the success of our new rabbi and our now bustling 60-year-old congregation by responding below by mail, by phone call to our office (847-674-3473) or visit our website, www.svaj.org. By doing so, you will help ensure the evolution that has already become a vital community resource. We look forward to seeing you at one or more of our minyans on the upcoming holidays.
L’Shana Tova to all,
David Rubin, Chairman
Rick Arons & David Avraham, Co-Presidents
Mon, August 21 2017 29 Av 5777