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Jessie Brownstein has been a devoted student of yoga for over 10 years. Seeing the impact it had on her life, the powerful mind-body connection it added, and the grounding effect it had even when deep in the daily grind- it ultimately led her to pursue certification and formally teach yoga to adults and children. With her previous career as a teacher and her current focus as a dietitian, Jessie weaves her passions together in the practices and flows she creates. Currently, Jessie is in private practice as a dietitian and teaches yoga privately. In today’s practice you can expect a yoga flow with a connection to your breath, a meditative component, and a particular focus on your soul.

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   Members Session 1 (12/7) $10.00 per person
   Members Session 2 (12/14) $10.00 per person
   Non-members Session 1 (12/7) $15.00 per person
   Non-members Session 2 (12/14) $15.00 per person


Is there anything you want Jessie to know that would help her guide you best in yoga practice? 


Thu, February 2 2023 11 Shevat 5783