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*****Upcoming Events at Skokie Valley*****
November 1-2: Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger
Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger of Shorashim (Roots) will be joining us to share words of Torah and tell us about his journey as a settler in Alon Shvut-Gush Etzion in the biblical inheritance of the tribe of Judah and reaching across the divide to the Palestinian other. Prior to Roots, Rav Hanan taught at Nishmat, Yeshivat Bat Ayin, the Pardes Institute and more. He spent 2 years as part of the Judaic Fellows Program in Boca Raton, Florida and over ten years in Dallas, first as the Rosh Kollel of the Community Kollle of Dallas and later as the founder and Executive Directory and Community Rabbinic Scholar of the Jewish Studies Initiative of North Dallas. Please visit for more information.
Friday night @ 8 pm: Oneg Shabbat and Shiur with Rav Hanan in Berger Beit Midrash
Shabbat After Musaf: Drasha
Motzei Shabbat @ 7:30: Community Learning Session and the Work of Roots with Shadi Abu Awwad in Israel Hall
November 8-9: Scholar-in-Residence Dr. Sarit Kattan Gribetz
Join us on November 8 - 9 for our Scholar-in-Residence, Professor Sarit Kattan Gribetz, an up-and-coming scholar who is Assistant Professor of Rabbinic Literature and Classical Judaism at Fordham University. She has also served as Core Faculty at the Drisha Institute for Jewish Education and is currently a Fellow at the Jewish Theological Seminary. Her first book, Time and Difference in Rabbinic Judaism will soon be published by Princeton University Press, and she is working on her second book Jerusalem: A Feminist History.
Friday night @ 6:00 pm: Dinner and talk: “Can We Tell a Feminist History of Jerusalem?”
Shabbat after Musaf: “The Value of Time: Work, Rest and Making Each Day Sacred”
Shabbat afternoon before Mincha: “Hosting the Emperor for Shabbat Lunch: Reading Rabbinic Stories in their Ancient Contexts”
Make your dinner reservations at Reservations close on 11/5!
November 22-23: Yeshivat Maharat Intern Dr. Liz Shayne. Dr. Shayne has undergraduate degrees in English and Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, and a master’s degree and doctorate from UC Santa Barbara in English Literature, and is currently a 4th year student at Yeshivat Maharat. We look forward to learning with her in November, and again when she returns in February and April.
December 6-7: Scholar-in-Residence Dr. Samantha Baskind. Dr. Baskind is a Professor of Art History and author many books specializing on Jewish American Art. In addition to opportunities to hear Dr. Baskind speak over Shabbat, please join us for a Motzei Shabbat evening presentation and community art exchange. Details to follow!
Wednesday December 25: Annual Miriam Bromberg z”l Cookie Bake.
Mon, November 11 2019 13 Cheshvan 5780