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Sale of Chametz 5783

This year, Pesach 5783/2023, the general sale of Chametz will take effect on Wednesday morning April 5th at 8:15am (the sale for time zones east of Central Time will take place on Wednesday morning April 5th at Shacharit). All Chametz which was not sold must be eliminated by 11:32 am on Wednesday morning. Rav Ari will not accept personal monetary gifts for this service. If you wish to make a donation towards Ma'ot Chitim, you may do so below or by delivering cash or checks made out to SVAJ Rabbinic Discretionary Fund with "Ma’ot Chittim" in the memo. These donations go to Pesach needs and support needy people in our local community.

You must complete this form by Tuesday morning, April 4 at 10 am in order for Rav Ari to include your chametz in the sale. 

If it is easier you can print a paper form (download here) and scan it/email it to or drop it at the office. Forms should be mailed no later than March 30th to ensure that we receive it before Pesach. 
I hereby empower and authorize Rabbi Ari Hart to sell all Chametz that may be in my possession, wherever it may be - at home, business or elsewhere. This includes all goods which may be delivered to me over Passover as well as stocks owned in full or in part in corporations which sell or deal with Chametz. Rabbi Hart has full rights to sell, dispose, and conduct all transactions, including rental of the store where the Chametz is stored and rental of right of way as he deems fit and proper, for such time which he believes necessary in accordance with detailed terms and forms explained in the contracts in his possession. The above power here by being given, is meant to conform with all Torah and Rabbinic regulations and laws, and also in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois.
Address(es) where Chametz is stored:


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Tue, March 21 2023 28 Adar 5783