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Skokie Valley Vaccination Policy

Effective immediately for the safety of all of our congregation, and in support of the Psak of Rabbi Hart, the Board of Directors implements the following:
In order to ensure the safety and health of our congregation, everyone attending Skokie Valley Agudath Jacob or participating in a program on the premises must be up to date on their vaccinations as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and/or the American Academy of Pediatrics.
We recognize that due to some medical problems, some may not be able to be fully immunized. If you or your child fall into that category, please notify the office and provide documentation so that we can do our upmost to protect not only you, but others in similar circumstances. This information may be confidentially reviewed by a physician designated by the synagogue. Religious exemptions will not be accepted.
In order to protect the health of those at risk, and minimize their risk of exposure, those who are incompletely vaccinated without a medical exemption will be welcomed back only when their vaccinations are up to date.
Please consult with your qualified medical authority to ascertain with certainty if you fully vaccinated and if you are a risk to others due to your immunization status.
Sat, December 4 2021 30 Kislev 5782