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This form is to establish a new membership.  (To renew an established membership, please click here.) 

New Family and Individual members receive a 50% discount for the first year (see table below). 

First-year dues for new members

       Age 35 and up      Age under 35
Family *            $650          $250
Individual              325            175
Associate **              250            250


*   Family membership dues are determined by the age of the oldest member in the household.

** The category of associate member is intended for individuals who have full memberships in other synagogues. Individuals who are associate members may serve on synagogue committees but do not have voting rights and are not eligible to serve on the board. Associate memberships do not include High Holiday seats nor do they qualify for any initial year discounts. Couples joining as associate members pay double the individual rate. Existing associate members who upgrade to other membership categories are not eligible for a first year discount.

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Here you may enter the names (English & Hebrew) and dates of death (English & Hebrew) of your deceased relatives. Please also explain relationship (father of member, etc.). 


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