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Pesach Resources 5778

As Pesach approaches, here are a few resources for you in your preparations:
Practicum on Kashering your Home for Chametz with Rav Ari - March 20 at 7:45pm
This session will focus on the practical aspect of kashering a kitchen for Pesach. Bring your questions! Session will also be recorded and made available on the SVAJ website.
Kashering the Kitchen:  Everything you need to know can be found here
Selling of Chametz
You can find the link here    
The form may be dropped off in the office.
Rav Ari will be available to go over and receive any forms at the following times:
After regular davening times (approximately 7:45am weekday mornings, 7:45pm weekday evenings, 9:45am Sunday mornings)
Sunday, March 25 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Tuesday March 13 and March 20: 8:45pm
Burning Chametz
Our annual partnership with Or Torah and the Skokie Valley Fire Department, burning chametz will take place on Friday, March 30, beginning at 7:00 am in the Skokie Valley parking lot.
Bedika, Bitul and Biur questions 
For those travelling this year who have questions about where and when to do bedika, bitul and biur, please see here
OU and CRC guides
Each year the OU and the CRC put out helpful guides on many topics dealing with preparation for Pesach. You can download them here and here
Open Seder
To register for the shul's Open Seder, click here
If you have any questions about Pesach don’t hesitate to reach out to me at Rav Ari at
Chag kasher vesameach!
Rav Ari
Mon, June 18 2018 5 Tammuz 5778